With the news that Trump intentionally downplayed the risks of COVID-19 and caused hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths, we created a video to explore what real leadership looked like before Trump. With how devastatingly incompetent Trump is, it’s vital we remind the country that the presidency was once a respected position held by individuals who confronted challenges with skill, care and empathy and placed country over self-interest.

Our new video ‘America Needs Biden’ could have very well been called ‘America Needs an Actual Leader.’ It’s unthinkable, looking back at past disasters our presidents had to confront, for someone to intentionally cause hundreds of thousands of deaths as Trump has and continue to not care about it. But here we are. At the crossroads of life and death, our choice is now democracy and banana republicanism.

By showing how past presidents confronted crisis and rallied America in a shared spirit of patriotism, compared to the Trump disaster, we hope to show the contrast between Trump and Biden. Joe Biden is imbued with the qualities we admire in a leader, and a president. We know with Biden we will have a real President once again.

This is why America Needs Biden.

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