The new MeidasTouch video is a rallying call for change. Set to the rhythm of the pacing drumbeat, the chant “I believe that we will win” repeats as images and video of Americans unifying for change are displayed. We must win to save the soul of America from the toxicity and destruction and devastation of Trump.

The video ‘Believe in Biden’ is a 30 second cutdown of our previous video ‘Believe in America,’ which focuses on the positivity that in these moments of tragedy we have learned the need to fight for our rights and to fight for democracy. We always assumed that the systems and institutions in America would protect us from authoritarianism. Trump proved this wrong. The only thing saving us from the deaths and destruction of our nation is our people. The power of the people. Believe. Vote.

This ad on the TV in Pennsylvania, Florida and Iowa through the 2020 election.

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