– [Donald Trump] Tom Brady,
great guy, great friend of mine.

Great, great champion.

Unbelievable winner.

– [Narrator] Part of being a winner

is knowing when enough is enough.

You know winners just like
being around other winners.

– [Trump] That’s the coolest thing that’s
happened to me in six months, okay.

– [Tom Brady] I don’t think about it much.

– [Narrator] Not just to talk
about how great winning is,

because it is great,

but to make fun of the losers.

Locker room talk.

Perfect example? Tom Brady.

– [Brady] Not a lot of people, y’know,
think that we could have won.

In fact, I think about 40% of
the people still don’t think we won.


– [Brady] You understand that, Mr. President?

– [Joe Biden] I understand that.
– [Brady] Yeah.

– [Narrator] Damn! The GOAT himself
hanging out with whats-his-name?

That dude who kicked your ass last year.

– [Brady] Thank you, Mr. President.

– [Narrator] Biden.

Dunking on the losers.

– [Brady] As the President alluded to.

– [Narrator] You.

Brady never took your invite when
you were in the White House, right?

Oh, I’m sure he had
something important to do.

– [Brady] Whale sounds. Hmmmm….

– [Narrator] Maybe he just
knew when enough was enough.

– [Brady] You suck, man.

– [Narrator] It’s not like
you got dumped, Donald.

Can you really get dumped
when you were never together?

– [Trump] I started disliking myself.

– [Narrator] Besides you have
plenty of friends, right?


– [Brady] Like I said, I’m just…

…here to play football.
(Laughing) Thanks guys.