January 6th was an inside job.

– [Narrator] Republicans are afraid.

Afraid that Americans will discover the truth of their role…

…in insurrection.

That when police barriers were breached

and the Capitol was stormed,

Republicans hadn’t lost control.

In fact, everything was going according to plan.

Plans that were hatched at all levels

of the Republican Party,

From low level staffers,

to GOP organizations,

all the way up to sitting members of Congress.

– [Sen. Ron Johnson] It was just simply false narrative.

– [Narrator] They knew.
– [Female Robocall] We will march to the Capitol…

– [Narrator] They weren’t unwitting allies.

These were co-conspirators.

– [Rep. Tim Ryan] Holy cow.

– [Narrator] Republicans spent years spreading misinformation,

peddling false conspiracy theories,

but there was one evil plot
they are desperate to cover up.

One conspiracy that’s true.

January 6th

was an inside job.