A message to Congress: Convict Trump. America is watching.

– [Narrator] For a moment,
put aside your fear.

Think back to who you were

on that first day at The Capitol.

You felt the sense of history, patriotism.

The majesty of a sacred place.

The knowledge that you could make history.

Now, your legacy is on the line.

You know Trump’s mob seized
The Capitol on his orders.

A violent insurrection to hold power.

You were saved from assault
and death only by providence.

You know the blood Trump’s
mobs spilled that day

will be on your hands, souls, and legacies

if you fail to act.

Your defenses of Trump are
hollow, cynical, and desperate.

We know you’re afraid.

The vote will be the hardest

and most important of your life.

Convict Trump, save America.

America is watching.

– [Narrator] The Lincoln
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