– [Narrator] Why is Glenn Youngkin

suddenly talking about
critical race theory?

– [Interviewer] Why do you think it is the issue

to put your state back
in Republican hands?

– [Announcer] After all,

it’s not taught in
Virginia schools. Not one.

We’ll tell you why, but first,

let’s turn the clock back
a few years to Lee Atwater,

a Republican operative who
used race to win elections.

– [Lee Atwater] “You start out in
1954, by saying (repeats n-word).

By 1968, you can’t say (n-word),
that hurts you, it backfires.

So you say stuff like
‘forced busing’

‘states’ rights’, and all that stuff.”

– [Narrator] Like Atwater,

Glenn is using coded language.

Because in 2021, he can’t get away with saying
what he really wants to say.

So if you see Glenn Youngkin

talking about critical race theory —

– [Glenn Youngkin] Critical race theory

critical race theory–

critical race theory–

– [Narrator] Make sure to let him know

he’s not fooling anyone.

– [Atwater] “Anyway you look at it,
race is coming on the back burner.”

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