(inspiring music)

– [Male Announcer] It is the
dawn of a new day in America.

It is a day where the transfer of power

from one presidency to the next
means the republic is strong

and democracy is alive and well.

The eyes of the country and the world

are focused on this moment,
our moment, America’s moment.

This ceremony stretches
back into our past,

an honored tradition,
a sign of our strength,

a signal across the world

that this land of the free endures,

that our republic still stands
having weathered rough seas

and survived the toughest of tests.

We always do.

Generations of patriots,

men and women of every race and belief,

have sacrificed to bring us here.

It wasn’t easy.

There has been a terrible cost in lives,

blood and painful division.

But today we’ve moved past the darkness

and up into the light.

We turn our attention today

to the Constitution of the United States

because the Constitution isn’t
only our founding document.

It is also the word,

a word that means vitality,
health and strength.

And the Constitution of
our country remains strong.

Today a new president and vice president

will stand before all of us

calling on America once again

to heed the better angels of our nature,

asking us to put country over party,

to stand together against
the challenges before us,

not as partisans, but as patriots.

We will not always agree,

we will not always live
up to our lofty goals,

but we will move forward together.

Because it is the dawn
of a new day in America.

– [Female Announcer] The
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