During his campaign rallies, Trump from time-to-time would read to his red caps a xenophobic poem called “The Snake,” about an injured snake who was brought in by a woman at a nearby home to heal and get better. When the snake fully healed, the snake bit and killed the woman with his venom and mocked her, as she died, for letting such a dangerous snake into her home in the first place. During his reading, Trump not so subtly analogized the snake to immigrants, and particularly to Mexican immigrants, to tell his audience that by allowing immigrants into the United States, like the snake, they would kill Americans.

The thesis for our video “The Snake” is that no one more epitomizes the anthropomorphic incarnation of a snake (or perhaps a snake oil salesman) than Donald Trump. Trump and his family and inner circle of grift spew a combination of hate, lies, white supremacy, blame and shame to defraud and defile our nation. Donald Trump and his slithering, rattling, and venomous form of politics is antithetical to what it means to be American. By exposing it in this video, and sharing it with millions of Americans, let’s cut off the head of corruption and incompetence once and for all.

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