Representation matters.

– [Presenter] How many
young girls are raised today

too afraid to speak their own minds?

Scared of being attacked

for having an opinion.

Fearful of being called bossy, arrogant.

How many of them just stay silent?

It’s time to turn the corner

on the all too familiar phenomenon

of what happens when a
woman speaks her mind.

Because that’s just
what we’re seeing today

with Kristin Clarke,
and with Vanita Gupta,

two brilliant and qualified women,

nominated for powerful roles

within the Biden administration,

smeared and vilified,
despite their qualifications

and widely accepted views.

Would this be happening if
these were men nominated?

What are you afraid of, senators?

It’s time to throw those
double standards overboard,

for Clarke, and for Gupta,

and for all the young women
out there who yearn to lead,

if only given examples to follow.

It’s time.

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