We already knew who Seb Gorka was. Now we know who Glenn Youngkin is, too.

– [Narrator] Who is the
real Glenn Youngkin?

It’s not the one behind the
slick TV ads and mailers.

The real Youngkin begged to go on

the radio show of Seb Gorka,

one of Donald Trump’s
most extreme supporters.

Gorka said white supremacists
weren’t the problem,

just days before Charlottesville.

– [Bystander] They just literally came down the street

to [censor] hit us just now!

– [Narrator] And Glenn
Youngkin wants his support.

Gorka backs radical antisemitic groups

and Glenn Youngkin went on his radio show.

– [Glenn Youngkin] Sebastian, thanks for having me.

– [Narrator] Gorka proudly wore
a Nazi militia groups medal,

and Glenn Youngkin kissed his ass.

– [Youngkin] This is not the
Virginia that we all know.

– [Narrator] On Seb Gorka’s radio show,

he promised to impose the
Trump agenda on Virginia.

Youngkin knows exactly who
Gorka is and what he stands for,

hate, division, neo-Nazis,
and white supremacists:

the Trump agenda.

Now, Virginia knows it too.

– [Seb Gorka] Thank you, Glenn Youngkin.

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