After Charlottesville, Virginians rejected hate and bigotry — this November, it’s time to do it again.

– [Protesters] Jews will not replace us!

– [Narrator] Four years ago,

antisemitism and bigotry invaded Virginia.

(people screaming)

– [Trump] You also had people
that were very fine people

on both sides.

– [Narrator] Now, that
same ugliness has returned.

The Virginia Republican
Party has been exposed,

sending anti-Semitic hate mailers.

– They manipulated a photograph

to depict Lieutenant Colonel
Helmer adoring piles of gold.

– [Narrator] The Washington Post writes,

“This antisemitism is
classic and blatant.”

Glenn Youngkin refuses to
denounce these hateful tactics.

No wonder he’s Donald Trump’s candidate.

– This is no longer a campaign.

It is a movement.

– [Narrator] Glenn Youngkin
has told us who he is.

The question for Virginians is,

is this who we are?

– [Narrator] The Lincoln Project paid for

and is responsible for the
content of this advertisement.