– [Narrator] Donald Trump
is telling reporters

he’ll be back in the
White House in August.


the election overturned,

President again.

Trump thinks the big lie will
put him back in the big job.

(magical music)
Yeah, Donald,

we have some bad news.

Not happening,

but the Lincoln Project is here to help.

If you miss the White House that much,

here’s how to get back there.

Visit the official website
of your Congresswoman,

Lois Frankel.

Select Help Center,
then Tours and Tickets.

Next, select the tour
that you’re interested in,

the White House.

Enter your travel dates
and contact information.

Make sure to submit your request
to representative Frankel

no less than 21 days in advance.

And remember, White House
tours may be subject

to last minute cancellation.

Plan ahead.

If you need further assistance, Donald,

just reach out to the Lincoln Project.

We are always there for you.

(cheerful music)