– [Narrator] When Donald
Trump unleashed a violent mob

to seize the U.S. Capitol and hold power,

Republican senators did
what they always do:


As Trump’s bloodthirsty army
screamed, “Hang Mike Pence,”

these senators were muted in fear,

just like always.

As Trump’s shock troops beat
a police officer to death

on the steps of the Capitol,

they knew who ordered the assault,

and they stayed silent,

just like always.

They knew the moment the neo-nazis,

alt-right militia groups,

white supremacists,

and Trump fanatics stormed the Capitol,

they were under attack
from their own voters.

They know Trump is guilty,

which is why they’ll protect
Trump on impeachment.

Serve him, obey him, bow down to him,

just like always.

– [Announcer] The Lincoln
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