No one made Kevin McCarthy choose this path. And no one forced him to betray his country. The insurrection he helped to incite failed. It’s past time to be polite. It’s time for accountability.

– [Narrator] When Trump came on the scene,

McCarthy ridiculed him,
calling Trump a Russian agent.

Today, McCarthy is a Trump lackey,

driven only by ambition, power and money.

McCarthy embraced Trumpism.

He helped elect QAnon conspirators.

On January sixth, McCarthy fought

the peaceful transition of power.

When the capital was sacked,

he went on Fox News and
claimed he was devastated.

All that death, all that destruction.

When the smoke cleared,
McCarthy led the vote

against American democracy.

He wants you to forget
what he did that day.

He wants you to think he’s a good guy,

but Kevin isn’t a good guy.

He’s not a good American,
he’s not even a Republican.

He’s a seditionist, who
left American democracy

bleeding on the Capitol steps.

He’s not a leader, he’s a traitor.

– [Woman] The Lincoln
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