We have previously compared Lindsey Graham to a pilot fish, which is a type of smaller fish that survives by eating parasites on larger fish. Perhaps we were being too generous. Lindsey Graham is not the pilot fish. He is the parasite. He is a sick human being who disgraces and destroys the whole of humanity with his very being. He is a pathetic putrid parasitic plum.

Like Scabies that lays eggs in its host, the Lindsey parasite lays lie after lie after lie. He has no self dignity. He will go on the record and say one thing and contradict himself the next day when it suits his needs. Most recently it was Lindsey saying he would not support the nomination of a Supreme Court justice in the final year of Trump’s term the same way he blocked Obama’s nomination for an entire year. Yet with under 40 days in left on the Trump genocidal regime, Lying Lindsey now sings a different tune.

Lindsey Graham represents the worst of South Carolina, the worst of America, the worst of humanity. Vote the coward out! It’s time South Carolina is represented in the Senate by an honest and decent and competent man. That man is Jaime Harrison.

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