Donald Trump is out. President Joe Biden is in. It’s morning in America, again.

(Male Narrator)
It’s morning in America.

Today, Joe Biden will be sworn in
as the 46th President of the United States.

President Biden and Vice-President Harris
will step into a White House

still recovering from
the mistakes of the past.

The economy is still suffering
and many Americans remain unemployed.

But we are at the dawn
of a new decade.

And this afternoon,
millions of Americans

will be able to have pride
in our president again.

Today, there is reason for hope.

Hope that America’s strength
will overcome the obstacles

that almost brought us to our knees.

It’s morning in America.

And under the leadership of Joe Biden,

the American people will be stronger,

work to be healthier,

and make our nation prosperous again.

And as we overcome these
last four years of chaos,

one thing is clear.

America will be great again.