Glenn Youngkin is a puppet of the radical right.

– [Narrator] Glenn Youngkin is running

like he’s one of the
Republicans from before Trump.

– I call my philosophy and approach

compassionate conservatism.

– [Narrator] Conservative,
sure, but reasonable, decent.

Not, you know, insane.

We’ve got some bad news.

He’s one of the gang, just
like the rest of them.

If Glenn Youngkin wins,
he’ll imitate Ron DeSantis

and his deadly COVID strategy.

– I don’t wanna hear a
blip about COVID from you.

– [Narrator] Wanna bet

Glenn Youngkin won’t imitate Gregg Abbott

when it comes to anti-choice
legislation for Virginia?

– Obviously it provides
at least six weeks.

– [Narrator] And Youngkin
will pass anti-voting policies

to make it harder for
African-Americans to vote.

– Voter integrity is important.

– [Narrator] Glenn pretends
he’s not like them,

but the moment you pull back Glenn’s mask,

you know exactly who you’ll find.

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