Happy moving day, Donald.

– [Narrator 1] Hey, Donald.

You hear that sound?
(truck beeps)

That’s the sound of moving vans.

They’re coming to pack you up,

and move you and all of
your grift and indecency

out of the White House.

(vacuum cleaner whirs)

That’s the sound of the cleaning crews

coming to scrub the
stench of your corruption,

and the stains from your lies,

from the Oval Office.

You hear that?
(air whooshes)

That’s the sound of the exterminators

coming to fumigate all that
COVID-19 infection in the air

that you could have kept
out of the West Wing,

with a face mask.

You hear that?
(jackhammer clangs)

That is the sound

of the wall you finally built.

The security wall around the White House,

that’s being removed to make
way for a new president.

A real president.

The next President of the United States:

Joe Biden.

Hey, Donald.

Don’t let the door smack you
in the ass on the way out.

(door slams)

Oh, but wait.

What’s that sound?
– Leading a criminal probe

into Trump’s business practices–

– It’s the sound of the
Southern District of New York,

and they’re coming for you.

(cell door squeals)

– [Narrator 2] The Lincoln
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