AT&T: making the connection between sedition, oppression, and white nationalism.

– [Narrator] Friends, family,

the people who make our lives complete.

With AT&T, you can reach
out to those people

to feel the connection too many
Americans are missing today.

In addition to reliable
connections and crystal-clear

sound quality, your AT&T plan helps fund

One America News Network,

OANN is a streaming channel that hires

radical alt-right white
nationalists as hosts,

cheers the capital attacks and promotes

COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

Want more?

By keeping your cell service with AT&T,

you can help pay OANN host Pearson Sharp

to call for mass
executions, and with AT&T,

you’ll be able to keep funding politicians

like Texas governor Greg Abbott,

who pushes radical new
laws against voting rights

and women’s rights.

AT&T, funding sedition, oppression,

and of course, One America News Network.

– [Announcer] The Lincoln Project

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