The battle for control of the Republican Party continues.

– [Donald Trump] My relationship
with this gentleman is outstanding.

– [Narrator] Does Mitch call the shots, now Donald?

(Whisper) Yes, he does.

He says he runs the Republican Party,
the party you built.

– [Mitch McConnell]
(clears throat) Excuse me.

– [Narrator] He’s the boss now.

(intense sniffing)

He’s even taking shots at you

– [McConnell] A mob was assaulting
the Capitol, in his name.

– [Narrator] When did Mitch overpower you?

– [Trump] Maybe I’ll have to
leave the country? I don’t know.

– [Narrator]
(Whisper) No power.

He doesn’t care what you think of candidates.

(Whisper) He’s in charge.

– [Trump] I mean, we were winning everything.

– [Narrator] He’ll pick them himself.

(Whisper) No control.

– [Trump] And then all of a
sudden it was just called off.

– [Narrator] And they’ll be loyal to Mitch.

(Whisper) You can’t beat him.

Not you.

– [Trump] Our weak Republican leadership.

– [Narrator] Is this still your party or not?

(Whisper) You can’t keep up.

You’re losing your base.

They’ve forgotten you.

They’re calling you Mitch’s “cuck.”

– [McConnell] (chuckling)

– [Narrator] (whisper)
He’s stronger than you.

If you don’t do something soon…
(Whisper) Loser.

…you can kiss 2024 goodbye.

– [Trump] McConnell is hopeless,
and he can’t stop anything.