Updated from our #100Days video because January 6th cannot be allowed to fall into the memory hole of America’s news cycle. It was not an anomaly. It was not the fringe of the modern Republican Party.

January 6th, 2021 was everything we were told wouldn’t happen, and everything we feared would.

There’s much do in the years to come to honor the lives lost, to restore faith in our democracy.

The fight to expose those responsible goes on and one of the greatest tools in our arsenal is memory.


– The world is a very

angry place, if you
look all over the world.

(group cheers)
– Let’s ride for 45!

– There’s no amount of sycophancy

that will be enough for this man.

– Your family will not be safe.

– It can only be my personality.

– The news division didn’t
used to have to make a profit.

Then that changed.

– All those people
in the back are fake news.

– You are the enemy of the people.

– It’s really hard to come out
and say, “I’m a Republican,”

because immediately they
think that you’re hateful.

– But we’re not the suckers anymore.

– We should have never gotten in bed

with the Republican Party.

– I am the chosen one.

– [Reporter] Most politicians right now

react on the fear, not on courage.

– [Trump] Very fine people on both sides.

– Your America’s gone, mother fucker!

– [Reporter] What do you say to Americans

who are watching you
right now, who are scared?

– I say that you’re a terrible reporter.

That’s what I say.

The only way we’re
gonna lose this election

is if the election is rigged.

– He knows that’s what it takes

to raise an army of patriots

who love America and will protect her.

– [Pence] You won’t be safe
in Joe Biden’s America.

– I’m a Republican, but I
call myself a Trump-again.

– Our way of life will be
preserved and maintained,

so help us God.

Guns up!

– This can’t be our country.

This is not our country.

– [Reporter] Alleged plot to kidnap

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

– We are not one another’s enemy.

This virus is our enemy.

– [Trump] No religion, no anything.

Hurt the Bible, hurt God.

– Would you shut up, man?
– Listen.

– Biden raped his daughter!

– We’re okay-
– Biden raped.

– [Reporter] Election
day in America is here.

– Former Vice President
Joe Biden will win.

– This is an embarrassment to our country.

– 2020 election was the
most secure in U.S. history.

– If you count the legal
votes, I easily win.

– We all knew it was coming.

You coulda set your watches to it.

– [Reporter] A number of
House members plan to object.

– [Newscaster] The final certification

of Joe Biden’s victory.

– [Reporter] The leaders of
Congress are misleading people

daily in this by not pushing back.

– [Newscaster] President
Trump’s baseless claims

of fraud are fueling his supporters.

(group shouting)

– [Reporter] That’s why Republican silence

is so deafening right now.

♪ Careful what you wish for ♪

– We will not take it anymore.

– You can feel the rage demanding it.

– Let’s have trial by combat!

– [Protester] Insurrection!

– We can take that place.

– [Reporter] We’re seeing
protesters overcome the police.

– [Newscaster] They were terrorists.

– An example needs to be made!

(officer screams)

– [Reporter] They tried to
disrupt this country’s democracy.

– Trump and I, we’ve
had a hell of a journey.

I hate it to end this way.

♪ Careful what you wish for ♪

– Donald J. Trump ain’t going anywhere.

– We have the Republican Party.