The billions Rupert Murdoch has made are only a fraction of what he has cost American democracy. But he did get one thing right: America IS watching. And we’ve seen enough.

– [Narrator] An immigrant came
to our shores nearly 50 years ago.

And brought destruction with him.

Destruction wrought by stoking fear of all outsiders.


for himself.

His name

is Rupert Murdoch.

And he’s the most dangerous man

to ever cross our border.

– [Announcer] Fox News Media

– [Narrator] He built an empire

out of fear

and lies.

Ruling over a network of deceit

– [Announcer] America is watching

– [Narrator] that made him a billionaire.

Brainwashed millions

– [Sean Hannity] All those
people in the back are fake news.

with un-American propaganda.

(Rapid whispering)

But now,

the very source of
Rupert Murdoch’s power

will become his downfall.

Because America

(man screaming)

– [Narrator] is watching.