America has always elected leaders who met each crisis of the moment and led the country and the world through dark times. From the attack of Pearl Harbor to the rise of Hitler, from the Cuban Missile Crisis to 9/11, we had presidents who didn’t panic and didn’t give up or coddle our enemies.

Trump not only failed in the moment when confronted with the COVID crisis — he has been instrumental in making it worse. He attacks science and holds super-spreader rallies killing more people. This weekend the Trump administration announced they were surrendering and would not even try to control the virus.

Our video ‘Save America’ launched with the same hashtag shows Trump’s likely response to past crisis events our leaders navigated our nation and the world through. We took for granted the competence and thoughtfulness of prior Presidents, and we got stuck with Trump. As the video makes clear, with Trump, this crisis or the next may very well be our last. It’s a chilling closing message, but it is why we have been saying vote or die.

Your life depends on this election. Vote Out Trump.

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