Matt Gaetz isn’t an anomaly. He’s part of the stain on American politics that the Republican Party has become.

– [Narrator] The Republican
party is in shambles.




For four years,
they toed the party line,

and as they did,
new stars emerged.

Stars like Matt Gaetz.

Slick and sycophantic,

Gaetz was a man after Trump’s own heart.

Like Trump, he bought influence and power

through his family’s wealth,

spilled his ego on everyone he met.

And now, he’s under investigation
on allegations of sex trafficking

and a sexual relationship
with an underage girl.

Gaetz won’t lose the support
of his mentor over this,

and the Republican party still
does what Donald Trump says.

They got into bed
with a madman,

and they still believe they can outlast
the stain of Trump’s legacy.

But some things
can’t be washed away.

Some things are just too dirty.