– [Narrator] This is the case of America

versus Donald J. Trump.

Article 1, Incitement of Insurrection.

– Donald John Trump engaged in high crimes

and misdemeanors by inciting violence

against the government
of the United States.

– [Donald] And if you
don’t fight like hell,

you’re not gonna have a country anymore.

(crowd chanting)

– [Rioter] There’s a
billion of us out there

and we are listening to Trump.

– [Narrator] Nonstop lies
regarding election fraud

the courts proved was non-existent.

– [Donald] All I wanna do is this,

I just wanna find 11,780 votes.

– [Narrator] The evidence is
all there for the world to see.

This is not a vote of conscience,

it’s a vote for truth.

Where do you stand senators,

with Trump

or with the truth?

– [Announcer] The Lincoln
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