The Mission: Work with anyone of good faith and strong heart to drive Trumpism out of American politics; ensure Mitch McConnell does not regain control of the Senate; and ensure Kevin McCarthy does not regain control of the House.

(suspenseful music)

– [Announcer] We showed you the line,

the line between what we should be,

and what the radical edge of a dangerous

anti-American movement wants us to become.

It’s the line between
freedom and autocracy.

In 2020, we set out to
defeat Donald Trump,

Trump lost but the sick poisonous ideology

of authoritarian
nationalist populism lived.

Our mission now is too defeat it,

to break it, to drive it out
of American politics and life,

to expose the funders,
operators and conspirators

behind the plot to end
the American democracy,

to work with anyone of
good faith and strong heart

willing to fight against
this spreading darkness,

to stop Trump’s return,

to stop Mitch McConnell
from retaking the Senate,

to stop Kevin McCarthy
from retaking the House,

it’s all on the line,

and it’s even more dangerous than ever,

because if they win,

America doesn’t just lose,

America ends.

(suspenseful music)