– [Narrator 1] Meet the
new Republican Party.


Forget that boring Constitution,


The new Republican Party has so much more!

We have conspiracy theories,


and don’t forget overthrowing elections.

Now let’s meet its leaders!

Minority leader Marjorie Taylor Greene,

the representative for the
14th district of QAnon.

When she’s not mocking shooting victims,

she’s warning us about
Jewish space lasers.

– Pew, pew, pew, pew.

– [Narrator 1] And there’s
house with you Lauren Boebert,

she’s armed and ready

to Tweet the House Speakers whereabouts

in the middle of an armed insurrection!

And chairman of the GOP
conference, why it’s Matt Gaetz.

Oh yes, this Florida frat
boy wears more makeup

than an Instagram influencer.

And introducing, Ivanka Trump.

The people she called
patriots on January 6th

turned out to be cop killers.


Whoopsie daisy.

Oh yes, the new Republican Party
has something for everyone.

– [Narrator 2] Terms and conditions apply,

must abandon logic,
reason and common sense,

Unequal opportunity employer,

racist and conspiracy notes welcome.

Must worship Donald Trump like a God.

Offer not valid in Guam.

– [Narrator 3] The Lincoln
Project is responsible

for the content of this advertising.