Meet the Quaranteenies. An American family quarantined during the pandemic and just trying to survive. Each day the Quaranteenies are bombarded with the insanity and mayhem in their daily lives caused by Donald Trump. The Quaranteenies were promised a ‘Trump Train’ in 2016 but like all things Trump, got the ‘Trump Trainwreck’ that is destroying America. The Quaranteenies want a return to normal life. A life without Donald Trump.

We at MeidasTouch are proud to bring you this original series. Through the prism of a lighthearted animated series, we will expose the angst and anger and frustration of families living in Trump’s America. We can all relate to the Quaranteenies.

The Quaranteenies will be a multipart original series. We are proud to present to you Episode 1. Enjoy.

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