Toyota vehicles feature safety detection systems, smart phone integration, and more white nationalism than you might’ve expected.

– [Narrator] America’s free market democratic system

has been good for companies like Toyota

for a long time.

So why would Toyota support politicians

who try to overthrow the very system

that’s been so profitable for them?

– [Male Voiceover] This 1953 Model GOP has real class!

– [Narrator] Toyota has given more money

than any company to the seditious politicians

who voted to overturn the 2020 election result.

They even hired Mitch McConnell’s

former Chief of Staff as a lobbyist!

Toyota’s #1 at finding ways

to financially reward the very party

that took our nation to the brink on January 6th,

helping finance a movement that violently sought

to take votes away from American customers,

not to mention Toyota’s own employees.

It’s time to call Toyota’s corporate leadership.

If they don’t reconsider where they send their money,

Americans will reconsider where we send ours.