The heart and soul of our nation is on the ballot next week. Compassion and decency is on the ballot next week. And truths we believed were self-evident, such as a women’s constitutional right to make decisions over her body without government intervention, is on the ballot.

Our new video ‘Traffic Stop’ depicts what the future holds if Trump is elected. Frankly, the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett likely spells the death knell to Roe v. Wade as the constitutional protections surrounding abortion may be eliminated. For those who sat at home last election who are now dismayed at these results and the constitutional liberties now tossed out the window, this is what’s at stake.

This is why we launched this video with the hashtag #WhatsAtStake.

With a Democratic President in Joe Biden and Democratic Senate, we will have the ability to fight for many of the rights Trump and the GOP have taken from the American people. If Trump and the GOP prevail this election, the worst depictions of American dystopia from fiction movies and horror novels will be a reality.

This is what’s at stake.

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