Donald, you’re being played.

– [Narrator] Oh, Donald,
it’s happening again.

You made Glenn Youngkin.

– [Glenn Youngkin] President Trump
endorsed me the next day.

– [Narrator] Without you, he was nothing.

(whispers) You gave him power.

– [Youngkin] And I thanked him for it.

– [Narrator] That’s why
Glenn Youngkin has banned you

from coming to Virginia.

(whispers) He used you.

He thinks you’re a loser

and you’ll make him one too.

(whispers) You are not welcome.

He’s embarrassed of you.

He wants you to stay away.

(whispers) Not invited.

Far away. (whispers) Loser.

Glenn Youngkin, just another RINO

stabbing you in the back.

(whispers) They’re ashamed of you.

– [Male Narrator] The Lincoln Project paid for

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