A notice to GOP donors: It may be your right to give money to whoever you like — but it is our right to tell Americans who and what you’re funding.

– Republicans are not
budging from their opposition

to a special commission.

– Republicans don’t wanna give

the imprimatur of bipartisanship

— to investigate the deadly
riot on Capitol Hill.

– [Trump] They’re hugging and kissing
the police in the gardens,

you know, they had great relationships.

– [Rioter] You’re gonna die tonight.

– [Narrator] Who funds the
politicians trying to cover up

the assault on America’s Capitol?

Who fills the bank accounts of groups

fighting to restrict
minority voting rights?

Some of the leaders of the most respected

and successful companies in America.

Companies who are laud
their own diversity efforts,

evangelize their devotion to inclusion

and extol their purported
virtue and integrity.

Companies led by people
like Stephen Schwarzman.

He gave over $40 million to Donald Trump,

Mitch McConnell, and the GOP machine.

Helping finance the very structure

that led to the murderous
violence on January 6th.

Stephen Schwarzman wasn’t
the only industry leader

that contributed to the authoritarian GOP.

He is just the first we’ve named

and far from the last.

Schwartzman and these other leaders

can contribute their
money to whatever causes

and politicians they choose.

Donating, even to bad
people, is their right.

Just as telling you who they
are and what they did is ours.