An attack on the U.S. Capitol is an act of terrorism, whether the attackers are foreign or domestic.

– It was an attack on
the American Capitol.

An assault on the temple of our democracy.

A plot to destroy us all.

The attackers followed a
sick and corrupted ideology

promoted by a charismatic leader.

Obsessed with grievances
of wild conspiracies.

Driven by fear.

Willing to take innocent
lives for their leader.

On that day, our capital was saved

from destruction only by the bravery,

of handful of Americans,
with nothing in common,

but their love for this
nation and their willingness

to answer the call to courage.

That day was the terrorist
attack of September 11, 2001.

Al-Qaeda’s attack on the Capitol

was thwarted only by brave Americans,

willing to die to protect us all.

There’ve only been two
large-scale terrorist attacks

planned against the US Capitol.

January 6th was ordered
by an American president.

Where do you stay with
the terrorists or America?