We choose to fight for America, and we will not lose.

(bright upbeat music)

– [Narrator] America is
starting to breathe again.

A decent man, as president,
a plan to protect us.

It feels almost normal,

but it’s not.

Republicans still will not
admit that President Biden

was legally elected,

which means they don’t
believe in democracy.

They believe an election
is only legitimate,

if they win.

That’s not democracy.

Their plan, pass voter suppression bills

to block minorities from voting.

Take back Congress,

impeach president Biden.

We refuse, we refuse to accept the end

of the American experiment.

We refuse to allow
anti-democratic autocrats

to steal our country.

We choose to fight,

and we will not lose.

(upbeat music)

Join us.

(upbeat music)

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