Anchored by MT founder and civil rights lawyer, Ben Meiselas and national trial lawyer and strategist, Michael Popok, the top-rated news analysis podcast LegalAF x MeidasTouch is back for another hard-hitting, thought-provoking look in “real time” at this week’s developments. On this episode, Ben and Popok discuss and analyze:

1. A very bad week for all things Trump:

A. Loses motion to dismiss Jan6 civil conspiracy claim.
B. Trump, Jr. and Ivanka ordered to testify in New York Attorney General civil investigation into financial fraud.
C. Trump Organization added to inauguration fraud case and Former CFO ordered to testify.
D. Long-time accounting firm bails out and declares all Trump Organization financial statements “unreliable”

2. The Special Prosecutor’s recent filing concerning Trump and Russia, and whether it alleges that Hillary intercepted Trump’s communications.

3. The decision by the judge in the Sara Palin libel trial against the NY Times to take the issue out of the jury’s hands and finds that no “actual malice” proven as a matter of law.

4. Stuart Rhodes’ request to be released from pretrial detention and spend his time at his family’s house instead.

5. Remington entering into the first ever settlement by a gun manufacturer and victims in the Sandy Hook massacre.

6. Brian Flores amending his suit against the NFL and several teams alleging retaliation when he didn’t get a head coaching job he interviewed for, and the NFL’s choice of counsel to defend it in the suit.

7. President Biden’s decision-making process for picking his first SCOTUS justice to replace Breyer.

And much more.

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