Donald Trump has brought mass chaos to America and the free world. America is no longer the leader of the free world. The free world is struggling to survive as despots and dictators have grown stronger as Trump pledges fealty to them.

Here we are. Two weeks before an election. Trump and the GOP are actively peddling Russian disinformation and attacking science as COVID cases and hospitalizations and deaths spike to new heights. Trump has turned America into a combination of 1984 and Idiocracy. As he has bankrupted everything he has ever touched, Trump has bankrupted America and we are all left to suffer.

Our video ‘End the Chaos’ is the beginning of the MeidasTouch closing argument against Trump. We’ve built our case video-by-video and call upon America to dispose of and vote out and the most disastrous person in America history. It’s time to End the Chaos by voting out Trump!

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