It’s past time for America to stop watching.

(dramatic instrumental music)

– [ANNOUNCER 1] Is Rupert
Murdoch trying to kill Americans?

His network is the leading
voice against COVID vaccination.

– [CARLSON] How many Americans have died

after taking the COVID vaccines?

– [INGRAHAM] Going door to door?

This is creepy stuff.

– [HOST] The focus of this administration

on vaccination is mind boggling.

– [ANNOUNCER 1] The Americans
who are dying from COVID

are almost all not vaccinated.

Rupert Murdoch was vaccinated.

Does anyone really think Tucker
Carlson isn’t vaccinated?

But Murdoch’s Fox News continues
to put Americans at risk

by pushing anti-vax hysteria.

It’s dangerous, immoral.

Fox News is helping kill Americans.

Call your local television provider

and tell them to drop Fox News.

It’s not about politics.

It’s about life and death.

– [ANNOUNCER 2] The Lincoln
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