Until the infection that brought insurrection to our Capitol is removed, it’s always January 6th, 2021.
#Jan6NeverAgain #TheBigLie #100Days

– The world is a very

angry place, if you
look all over the world.

(group cheers)
– Let’s ride for 45!

– There’s no amount of sycophancy

that will be enough for this man.

– Your family will not be safe.

– It can only be my personality.

– The news division didn’t
used to have to make a profit.

Then that changed.

– All those people
in the back are fake news.

– You are the enemy of the people.

– It’s really hard to come out
and say, “I’m a Republican,”

because immediately they
think that you’re hateful.

– But we’re not the suckers anymore.

– We should have never gotten in bed

with the Republican Party.

– I am the chosen one.

– [Reporter] Most politicians right now

react on the fear, not on courage.

– [Trump] Very fine people on both sides.

– Your America’s gone, mother fucker!

– [Reporter] What do you say to Americans

who are watching you
right now, who are scared?

– I say that you’re a terrible reporter.

That’s what I say.

The only way we’re
gonna lose this election

is if the election is rigged.

– He knows that’s what it takes

to raise an army of patriots

who love America and will protect her.

– [Pence] You won’t be safe
in Joe Biden’s America.

– I’m a Republican, but I
call myself a Trump-again.

– Our way of life will be
preserved and maintained,

so help us God.

Guns up!

– This can’t be our country.

This is not our country.

– [Reporter] Alleged plot to kidnap

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

– We are not one another’s enemy.

This virus is our enemy.

– [Trump] No religion, no anything.

Hurt the Bible, hurt God.

– Would you shut up, man?
– Listen.

– Biden raped his daughter!

– We’re okay-
– Biden raped.

– [Reporter] Election
day in America is here.

– Former Vice President
Joe Biden will win.

– This is an embarrassment to our country.

– 2020 election was the
most secure in U.S. history.

– If you count the legal
votes, I easily win.

– We all knew it was coming.

You coulda set your watches to it.

– [Reporter] A number of
House members plan to object.

– [Newscaster] The final certification

of Joe Biden’s victory.

– [Reporter] The leaders of
Congress are misleading people

daily in this by not pushing back.

– [Newscaster] President
Trump’s baseless claims

of fraud are fueling his supporters.

(group shouting)

– [Reporter] That’s why Republican silence

is so deafening right now.

♪ Careful what you wish for ♪

– We will not take it anymore.

– You can feel the rage demanding it.

– Let’s have trial by combat!

– [Protester] Insurrection!

– We can take that place.

– [Reporter] We’re seeing
protesters overcome the police.

– [Newscaster] They were terrorists.

– An example needs to be made!

(officer screams)

– [Reporter] They tried to
disrupt this country’s democracy.

– Trump and I, we’ve
had a hell of a journey.

I hate it to end this way.

♪ Careful what you wish for ♪

– Donald J. Trump ain’t going anywhere.

– We have the Republican Party.