🚨Coming to Cullman, Alabama this Saturday🚨

– [Announcer] All this
week, super spreader USA.

It’s the one, the only, the
original Monster COVID Fest.

Get there early to get exposed.

(woman screaming)

First come, first served.

Experience in person
the virus that’s killed

nearly 620,000 Americans.

First 750 in get a free

“Make the ICU’s Full Again” hat.

10 lucky winners will get to meet and kiss

the super spreader himself.

– [Trump] I’ll kiss the guys
and the beautiful women.

– [Announcer] On the lips.

Masks are for losers.

You’ll be up close and personal

with thousands of other mega maniacs

sharing the excitement
of a real Trump rally.

And COVID-19, featuring hit songs like

“What Do You Have To Lose?”,

“It’s No Big Deal, You’ve
Lived Long Enough”,

and crowd favorite, “I
Gave It To Most Of My Staff

“And All Of My Family”.

This weekend.

One day only.

Don’t miss it.

Paid for by COVID-19 and the
funeral homes of America.

Actually, paid for by the Lincoln Project,

which is solely responsible
for the content of this ad.

– [Narrator] You’ll be required
to sign a legal release.

So if you were one of your
loved ones dies from COVID,

Donald J. Trump is as
usual in no way responsible

for your death or for the
tens of thousands of deaths

his mismanagement has caused.