Ask your doctor if Qdroxychloroquine® is right for you and take back your life.

– [Narrator] Everyone wants to be safe
in times of uncertainty,

but even if you follow every precaution,
exposures remain a real risk to your health.

Qdroxychloroquine once a day
can help reduce that risk.

If you’re suffering from uncontrollable thoughts
of democricide, along with a persistent sense

that cannibalistic Satanic pedophiles
are after your phone records,

you may have been exposed to
Ignis Fatuus Dolitis, or IFD,

a once rare condition that has grown
to concerning proportions in recent decades.

People who contract IFD may find themselves
calling friends and family members ‘cucks’

in social settings and online,

aggressive behavior toward medical masks,

or in some cases, donning buffalo horns
while attacking federal office buildings.

Living life can be more than telling people
that Alexa is “how they get you.”

– [Alexa] The Deep State
is coming for you.

– [Narrator] And referring to people you just met online
as your “circle of friends.”

Break the imaginary chains of Ignis Fatuus Dolitis
with Qdroxychloroquine.

Some sufferers of IFD may have merged
its effects with their personal identity to the degree

that oral capsules of Qdroxychloroquine
are difficult pills to swallow.

Side effects may include clear thinking,
improved mood, and generosity of spirit.

Some individuals experienced epiphanies,
adherence to their own stated religious precepts,

and in rare cases, the ability to do math.

Qdroxychloroquine poses
no known risks

to women who are nursing, pregnant,
or may become pregnant.

Inform your doctor if you
are involuntarily celibate,

as the rationalizing
effects of Qdroxychloroquine

may interfere with natural selection.

Visit our booth at the
Conservative Political Action Conference

this weekend for more information.

And remember, just because
no one is after you,

doesn’t mean you’re alone.