Mitch McConnell is playing you, Donald.

– [Donald Trump] We are going
to drain the swamp!

– [Narrator] But the swamp
won, Donald.

Mitch McConnell’s Washington consultants

are making big money

using your name.

We don’t know if Mitch gets a cut,

but what do you think, Donald?

– [Mitch McConnell] My friend,
Donald Trump.

– [Narrator] You’re getting played.

He’s picking candidates loyal to him.

They brought you a little bowl
to hold in your little hands,

and you fell for it.

– [Donald Trump] What happened?

– [Narrator] They’re laughing at you,

(Mitch chuckles)

all the way to the bank.

♪ Yeah, save my soul!

Maybe you shouldn’t run again.

♪ Hey, now!

Maybe the power Mitch
McConnell has over the GOP

is just too much for you.

♪ Yeah! My, my.

Maybe what McConnell and the rest
of Washington is saying is true.

♪ …heart, in your hand.

That Trump is done.

♪ I can’t feel

♪ feel my soul.