Anti-Fascism: It’s not a cable news talking point, it’s an American ideal that should be memorialized.

– [Narrator 1] Who is Antifa?

They stormed the beaches of Normandy,

parachuted into the French countryside

and gave their lives to
face down and fight back

against fascism.

They took down Nazi machine gun nest,

tore apart the Third Reich strongholds,

liberated concentration camps,

liberated France, Italy, Belgium, Holland,

anywhere Antifa saw fascism,

they fearlessly and
relentlessly annihilated it.

Fascism was defeated because
of patriots like these.

Proud Americans, who knew that
the fight against fascists

was not simply a battle
between opposing nations.

It was a war against inhumanity,

a war that isn’t nice, but cannot be lost,

a war we still fight today.

Anti-fascism, it’s not a
cable news talking point.

It’s an American ideal
that should be memorialized

because it was paid for in blood.

– [Narrator 2] The Lincoln
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