With 11 days until the election, the MeidasTouch closing argument against Trump and for voting for Joe Biden continues in full force. Yesterday we released two videos, a double header, with the hashtag #TrumpIsPathetic which quickly became the top trending in the USA even just as the debate was beginning and received millions of views. Today, we present the a video called ‘Trump Crime Family.’

Joe Biden in his infinite dignified personality that he displayed his entire career has not gone after Trump’s family — this despite the fact that Trump and his entourage of compromised grifters have made patently false allegations about Biden’s son.

MeidasTouch is not as nice.

We have previously made dozens of videos focused on the rampant and unprecedented corruption of the Trump family while Trump was in office. Our newest video, ‘Trump Crime Family’ ties it all together, and makes the strongest case that the Trumps are no different than the mafia families of the past. The ‘Trump Crime Family has violated thousands of laws (Federal and State), engaged in documented domestic and international corruption, and utterly destroyed every ethical principle turning the White House which was once the people’s house into the money laundering Trump trap house.

It is our duty as American citizens who value our constitution to vote out the Trump cartel and bring back decency to the White House and this country.
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