You had so much going for you. You could have risen above those who were destroying the Republican Party. Instead, you joined them. What happened?

(gentle music)

– [Narrator] What happened to Elise Stefanik?

She was supposed to be different,

better than the rest.

Small town roots, big time education.

Worked with President Bush.

Was committed to compassionate conservatism,

a different kind of Republican,

youngest woman elected to Congress.

– Whoo!

– [Narrator] Such a bright future.

Now she’s just another sad Trump apologist.

When Trump demeans and attacks women,

she goes along, smiling.

When Trump encourages racists, she is silent.

What happened?

Did she need Trump’s approval that bad?

Did she want to be one of the gang?

It’s sad.

Now the U.S. Capitol is attacked, her own office.

And she still supports Trump.

If Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Lauren Boebert

went to Harvard, they’d be Elise Stefanik.

What a waste.